University District

The university in the university district in Antwerp
Another view of the university quarter in antwerp

With more than 40.000 fulltime students, Antwerp is a true university town. However some of the campuses such as Middelheim and some departments of the Thomas More College  are spread over the outskirts of the city and out of town, the nightlife area is rather concentrated between the Stadswaag and the Ossenmarkt, between the major Mutsaard campus and the Paardenmarkt campus. Nearby lies the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, adjacent to the Blindestraat. Many student pubs, cheap eating houses, sandwich bars and chip shops invite you to come and breathe in the studentlike ambience.

Restaurants nearby

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De zure
Dageraadplaats 4
2018 Antwerpen
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Tramplein 3/4
2600 Antwerpen
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Dôme sur mer
Arendstraat 1
Antwerpen 2018
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Dageraadplaats 11
2018 Antwerpen
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Bien Soigné
Kleine Markt 9
2000 Antwerpen
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Danieli Il Divino
Beukenlaan 12
Antwerpen 2020
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Italiaans ()
Koffiebar Frits
Draakstraat 2
2018 Antwerpen
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Haarstraat 9
2000 Antwerpen
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Belgisch, Frans ()
Wijk - Centraal Station Antwerpen

Central Station

Wijk - Harmonie Antwerpen


Wijk - Het Eilandje Antwerpen

’t Eilandje

Wijk - Historisch Centrum - Antwerpen

Historic Center

Wijk - Ring rond Antwerpen

Ring Road around Antwerp

Wijk - Schipperskwartier Antwerpen

Red-light District

Wijk - Park Spoor Noord Antwerpen

Park Spoor Noord

Wijk - Meir Antwerpen


Wijk - Theaterbuurt Antwerpen

Theatre District

Wijk - Sint Anneke Antwerpen


Wijk - Sint-Andrieskwartier

Saint-Andries Quarter

Wijk - Zurenborg Antwerpen


Wijk - Zuid Antwerpen


Wijk - Wilde Zee Antwerpen

Wilde Zee